our services

shooting permits, Visas & Work Permits

We make sure you get all the necessary documents like shooting permissions, visas and work permits.

Location Scouting & Location Management

We’ll find the perfect location for your project and provide out-of-the-box solutions.

Crew & Equipment

Do you need shooting equipment or qualified staff? We can help.

Set construction & Set Design

We build movie sets made to order and turn, turning abandoned beaches into  theme parks.

Drone footage

Our well-trained and licensed drone operators create your footage with state-of-the-art drones.  

Mobile solutions

We provide mobile solutions for movie shootings “off the beaten track” such as air-conditioned office containers.


Our drivers are standing by for you 24/7 to safely get your team to your destination in  luxury vans.


Do you need special props?
We’ll find a solution for you.

emergency power supply

An award-winning german master craftsman in our team ensures German safety standards are upheld in Thailand.


We support you with international equipment transfer and make sure your shippment arrives on time.


Our partner hotels can provide enough capacity for large movie crews and ensure your team can get some rest after a long day of shooting.


Our experienced catering team can prepare both Thai & international meals right on-site.

research & editorial assitance

Are you considering a project related to Thailand or Thai culture?
Our experts are happy to assist you at all stages of your project.


Looking for protagonists for your project related to Thailand or Thai culture? We specialize in casting and can assist you in finding the perfect cast to bring your vision to life.



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